Sample Worksite Supervisor Guide

Organizational Author(s): Promise Zone YES! (Hartford, Connecticut)

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Promise Zone YES!, a Career Pathways for Youth (Summer Jobs & Beyond) grantee out of Hartford, Connecticut, shares its Worksite Supervisor Guide. 


This tool provides information for Worksite Supervisors working with young employees over the summer, but can be used year around. There is information on

  • Worksite Agreement
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Community-Based Organization & Program Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Youth Safety
  • Getting Started: A Supervisor’s Checklist for Orienting Participants
  • Orientation should cover: Youth Participants need to know
  • Capital Workforce Partners Basic Mentoring Tips
  • Other Helpful Hints
  • Sharing Success

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Content Type: Resource
Target Populations: Employers - All | Youth customers - All


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