The Department of Labor is one of seven federal agencies which form FedNet, a network of federal agencies whose goal is to help reduce work-related injuries and illness among teenage workers.  Other federal agencies include the Departments of Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, Interior, Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Summer Jobs Safety was initiative developed by the Federal Network for Young Worker Safety and Health (FedNet). 

FedNet team members joined together to develop a summer outreach effort to educate teens, their parents, counselors, and employers about how young workers can stay safe at work. 

Millions of teens are preparing to enter the workforce this summer doing a variety of jobs that will teach them valuable skills.  This effort specifically targets this safety message for teens working in summer jobs performed outdoors.

Young Workers - You have rights! OSHA shares information to help prevent job-related injuries and illnesses for youth to ensure young people are safe and at have rewarding work experience. 

Youth Workers- Summer Jobs Safety offers a wealth of information about teen worker safety and health materials for outdoor occupations.  Topics covered include safe driving, lawn care, life guarding, construction, parks and recreation, and restaurants. 

Theses tools are designed to get teens, parents, and employers to think proactively about safety.  It also serves as a reminder for states and local workforce areas to review federal, state and local safety and job health standards when placing youth in work experience or internships that may expose them to potential injuries.

Workforce professionals should also consider child labor restrictions when placing youth in jobs to ensure that youth Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act participants are not assigned to job activities that violate safety standards or restrictions.