Encourage youth under the age of 18 to save their hard-earned money by eating at meal sites nearby in the community. See if there were meal sites in your community last summer by exploring USDA’s Summer Meals Capacity Builder

Also, Job Programs employing youth ages 18 and under can serve free meals to them on-site through the USDA Summer Meal Programs. Contact your State Agency that operates the program to learn if your Job Program is eligible to be a meal site.


1) Visit the USDA Summer Meals Capacity Builder at www.fns.usda.gov/capacitybuilder.

2) Click on “Layers” at the top of the map and make sure all other layers are unclicked.

3) Find your state then zoom into your county/city.

4) Click on the “FY16 Census Area Eligibility” layer to see if your community is eligible for free summer meals. Click on the “2015 Open Summer Sites” layer to see meal sites that were open to the public last summer. You will see “2016 Open Summer Sites” closer to summertime.

5) If you are a summer meal site: Click on the “American Job Centers 2015” layer to find job centers where you can ask about hiring employees for your site. NOTE: you may have to remove the “FY16 Census Area Eligibility” layer to see the red asterisks (*), which are the job centers. If you don’t see a job center near you, zoom out from the map until you see one.

6) Feel free to explore the other information layers that you see on the map!