The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) at the U.S. Department of Labor has developed lists of technical assistance resources to help state and local workforce leaders, youth program practitioners, stakeholders and partners get prepared to successfully implement a high-quality summer youth employment programs. This page focuses on case management to ensure youth receive relevant services and programs document outcomes. 

Individual Development Plans (IDP) and Individual Service Strategies (ISS): Development Assisting a young person  develop his/her Individual Development Plan/ Individual Service Strategy (ISS) helps them navigate  their career path. 

Case Management ensures youth receive relevant services, and that programs document outcomes; it is means to an end – skills attainment, obtaining a credential, and/or employment and ultimately meaningful career pathway.

Recruitment & Retention: Getting young people to join your program and getting young people to stay till completion can be challenging.  Many young people being served by our programs have various forces which create challenges preventing them from their full participation.  How do we meet them where they are? How do we provide services to keep them engaged? Developing strategies is key to enrolling young people and keeping them engaged and retained in our programs is critical to their success.