The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) at the U.S. Department of Labor has developed lists of technical assistance resources to help state and local workforce leaders, youth program practitioners, stakeholders and partners get prepared to successfully implement a high-quality summer youth employment programs. This page focuses on engaging organizations and persons, internal and external, to help execute the mission of your programs.   

Youth Engagement: Youth are our primary customers; what strategies can we use to help our participants actively engaged in our programs. 

Parent/Family Engagement: Developing strategies to engage parents and families with your program early can aid in retention and the success of a young person in their academics and employment. 

Partnership Engagement: Partners are pieces of the puzzle which provide additional opportunities and resources for your programs; finding strategies to connect to them and keep them are critical.  

Staff Engagement: Retaining staff is fundamental; keeping them involved and in line with the mission is key.

Employer Engagement:  Effective employer engagement can be integral to the design, sustainability, and success of your program and is intended to benefit both parties.