YouthRules! is an initiative to promote positive and safe work experiences for teens by distributing information about young workers to youth, parents, employers and educators. Components of the initiative include a website, printed materials, outreach events, training seminars and partnering activities.

The YouthRules! web page is a gateway providing quick access to information about Federal and State labor laws that apply to young workers. The web page includes information designed to educate teens on what the rules are, as well as provide information for parents, educators, and employers.

Also as part of the YouthRules! initiative, the U.S. Department of Labor and its partners develop and distribute informational materials, develop curricula for educators, provide training on the Federal and State rules governing young workers, increase awareness through public service announcements, and develop other tools designed to increase compliance with Federal and State laws.

YouthRules! – an innovative approach to bring teens, parents, educators, employers, government, unions and advocacy groups together to ensure young workers have safe and rewarding work experiences.