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Do you access Federal resources from the government to improve your summer jobs program?

Are you aware of the range of Federal funding streams that can be used to support summer jobs programs? Are you aware of Federal competitive grants related to summer jobs? What is your experience using these resources? What other resources (e.g. TA) could the Federal government provide to support your efforts? Are there other resources that the Federal government could provide?
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How do you find high-quality, substantive summer jobs?

In addition to pure numbers of jobs, it is best if those jobs are substantive, skills-building, and include work that interests the students. However, these jobs are not always easy to identify. Do you feel that a significant portion of the jobs offered through your program meet this criteria? If so, how did you find them?
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How do you provide summer meals?

Do you provide summer meals to your summer youth employees? A recent article released by USDA encourages employers to take advantage of the free meals for summer youth employees, under age 18, through the USDA Summer Meal Programs.  If you provide meals to your summer employees, please share the process you used to connect youth to summer meals. Do you use meal sites as an opportunity to provide other experiences and resources?

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Re: How do you provide summer meals?
Posted On: 01/24/2017 at 03:13 PM
Author: Tony Craddock, Jr.

How to find summer jobs for youth?

Finding employers to hire young adults for the summer can be both rewarding and challenging.  What practices have worked for you? How have you solicited employers to provide summer employment opportunities? What kinds of outreach strategies have you used? What kinds of sales pitches have been effective in talking with employers? Please share your successes and challenges as well as any resources you have. 
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Is it time to look already?!

Even with a brisk chill in the winter air, it is time for youth and young adults to look for summer jobs!

Many cities are hosting Summer Job fairs in partnership with local employers and some young people are seeking summer opportunities through their American Jobs Center (One Stop Centers) or on their own.

What are your thoughts on the top jobs for youth in your area?

What are some tips you would share with those youth to help them land the job?

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What kinds of other programming and wrap-around supports do you provide youth?

Do you offer educational programming for youth involved in the summer jobs program? Do you offer financial literacy training? Please describe these other forms of programming and provide a sense of what percentage of the youth’s time is spent on them. What other wrap-around supports do you offer students to ensure their success in the program? Transportation, child care, etc.? Please describe other supports that you provide.
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What was your Favorite Summer Job?

Summer Jobs are critical to a young person's professional and social development; we all work hard to make sure we provide those opportunities.  

Looking back over our lives, What was your favorite Summer Job as a young person and what did you gain from the experience? 

Please share in the comment box below. 

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My Favorite Summer Job
Posted On: 08/17/2017 at 02:52 PM
Author: Maisha Meminger

When do you start planning your Summer Employment Program?

Is it never too early to start planning your summer employment program? When do you start planning? Do you have any lessons learned?  Please share. 

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